Corporate Partnerships

Life After Breast Cancer Fund

Charity of the Year

Adopting the Life After Breast Cancer Fund as your charity of the year is a great way to support our research whilst increasing employee engagement, staff retention, and motivation.

We can provide you with a wealth of ideas and fundraising materials, as well as providing your staff with the support they need.

Corporate sponsorship

Each year we hold an extensive calendar of events, all of which are available for sponsorship. This is a fantastic way to support Life After Breast Cancer Fund whilst also increasing your brand awareness.

Cause-related marketing

Did you know that 91% of consumers will switch brands* to one that supports a good cause if it is a similar price and quality? Cause-related marketing is a great way to support the Life After Breast Cancer Fund while contributing to your bottom line.

* Cone Communications/Ebiquity’s 2015 Global CSR Study

Support your staff!

Many companies will match-fund any fundraising activities undertaken by staff. This can make a huge difference to our work because it quite simply doubles the tremendous efforts of our supporters. Even if you don’t want to undertake any fundraising as an organisation, by offering to match-fund any monies raised by your staff for RAFT’s Life After Breast Cancer fund you can make a huge difference.

Spread the word

Did you know that many of the women we work with have never told their employer that they have had breast cancer? They tell us they are afraid that revealing that they are ill could affect their career because managers and colleagues may believe that they are no longer capable of doing their jobs.

And if they don’t reveal they are ill in the first place, they certainly don’t discuss the complications that may arise due to mastectomy. In fact, some even choose not to have breast reconstruction because of the additional time they will need off work due to multiple surgeries.

With one in eight women being diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime, it is highly likely that most medium to large organisations will employ a member of staff who will undergo breast cancer treatment.

We want employers to understand what women (or indeed men) who have or are being treated for breast cancer are facing. Our team will talk to managers and staff about breast cancer, mastectomy and the work we are doing to improve things.


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We understand that rebuilding lives after breast cancer does not finish with a mastectomy