About RAFT

Life After Breast Cancer FundRAFT (Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust) is a world class medical charity, providing practical and tangible solutions for children and adults who have suffered life changing disease, accidents or birth defects.
RAFT is more than just a charity. It funds and carries out its own self-commissioned, ground-breaking medical research. It engages with the world’s leading medical professionals and scientists in order to ensure a highly focused delivery.

“If RAFT didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it” Mr Norbert Kang, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Royal Free Hospital

RAFT is an independently funded and is reliant on the generosity of its donors to carry out important work and overcome medical barriers to transform lives.

Science is the tool that we use to make people’s lives better

RAFT is a leading player within the medical research world, and its prestigious status is recognised and established within international medical circles due to its high calibre research. Over the last 27 years, RAFT has delivered a legacy of highly-respected research that is impactful, empowering and life-changing and which continues to achieve successes in medicine, and in peoples’ lives.

A major aspect of our research is our direct coordination with patients and caregivers.  It helps us focus on result oriented research in areas that really need improvement. Without the support of those who, like us, want to change the world for good, RAFT would cease to exist. The numerous on-going research projects that can improve the level of care and treatment available for patients need the support of everyone – Visit our website from more information www.raft.ac.uk


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We understand that rebuilding lives after breast cancer does not finish with a mastectomy