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Why do we need the Life After Breast Cancer fund?

Life After Breast Cancer Fund

RAFT launched the Life After breast Cancer Fund, because every year, an estimated 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. For many, lumpectomy or mastectomy will play a major part of their treatment. With the discovery of the BRCA  genes, many more young women are opting for preventative mastectomy.

But while lumpectomy and mastectomy may help to eradicate the black cloud of cancer, it is rarely the end of their surgical journey.

For many women, and indeed, their partners, breasts represent femininity, identity, and sexuality.

Breast reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy is a major step in regaining quality of life and confidence. However, current surgical methods can be very unreliable, often leading to multiple operations which do not always achieve the desired result.

The surgical outcome is one reason why fewer than 50% of women who have a mastectomy go on to have reconstructive surgery.

RAFT set up the Life After Breast Cancer Fund to give women a future after breast cancer.

The Life After Breast Cancer Fund aims to raise £2 million to undertake two research projects that will mean women:

  • Spend less time in hospital
  • Experience less pain and discomfort
  • Need fewer operations
  • Experience less scarring and numbness
  • Have a vastly reduced risk of tissue rejection
  • Experience reduced psychological impact

Successful breast reconstruction surgery will mean women can put cancer behind them and focus on the future.

Find out more about our research into ‘free-flap‘ transfer and ‘fat transfer‘.



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We understand that rebuilding lives after breast cancer does not finish with a mastectomy