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Supporting the Life After Breast Cancer Fund

RAFT (Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust) welcomed the Hospital Saturday Fund (HSF) to its Northwood research centre at Mount Vernon Hospital, to receive a generous £7,000 donation to support its pioneering fundraising campaign, Life After Breast Cancer Fund.

The aim of the RAFT’s Life After Breast Cancer Fund is to ensure that women who have had breast cancer have access to the very best treatment possible and it is affordable to all.

The Hospital Saturday Fund awarded the £7,000 grant to RAFT following a meeting of the HSF Grant Making Committee who approved the charity’s application for a grant.

Paul Jackson, Chief Executive at HSF commented: “The Life After Breast Cancer Campaign is an innovative campaign which we are committed to supporting. The hope is that we will contribute towards a robust and life-enhancing way to compensate for the trauma of breast cancer.”

The Hospital Saturday Fund is a UK charity that was founded in 1873 by pioneers in social and philanthropic work to help people to afford medical care. The Fund has ‘tailored’ its benefits to suit modern needs and these are now offered through HSF health plan, a name adopted in recent years. Profits from the trading company, HSF health plan, are channelled into the ‘parent’ charity, The Hospital Saturday Fund, to enable these charity donations to be made.  In 2015, The Hospital Saturday Fund will be making grants totaling £850,000 to medical charities, hospices and hospitals across the UK and Ireland.




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We understand that rebuilding lives after breast cancer does not finish with a mastectomy

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