Pink Cocktail Lauch

The Launch of the Life After Breast Cancer Campaign

The Organic Pharmacy hosted a pink cocktail reception at its flagship High Street Kensington store on October 14th 2015 in celebration of its support for RAFT’s Life After Breast Cancer Campaign.

The Organic Pharmacy pledged to donate £2 from every sale of its Rose Body Lotion during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2015 to the appeal, across its UK and US stores.

Margo Marrone, founder of The Organic Pharmacy and a long-time supporter of RAFT and the Life After Breast Cancer Campaign, encouraged further support from guests by announcing that a percentage from all Organic Pharmacy products sold in the store that night would be donated in aid of Life After Breast Cancer Campaign.

Leonor Stjepic, Chief Executive of RAFT commented, “ …The mastectomy process is fraught with difficulties, which create long-term pain and scarring. We want to do something to help lessen this traumatic experience. Working with The Organic Pharmacy means that products used to treat scars left over from a mastectomy can support recovery and be fragrant. Our collaboration just seems to fit. We are looking forward to future years where our joint fundraising will make a huge and tangible difference”

Team Photo (1)Margo Marrone, Natasha Hemmings & Liz Brewer

Natasha Hemmings with product


Karolina Bobowska, Cindy Jackson & Mateja Stjepic (2)

Natasha Hemmings, Minda Felicino Lonsdale, Cindy Jackson & Liz Brewer

Minda Felicino Lonsdale, Liz Brewer

Group Photo (1)

Cindy Jackson, Natasha Hemmings & Liz Brewer

Mateja Stjepic & Lucy Elliot

Mark & Amanda(2)

Margo Marrone & Leonor Stjepic Speech (4)

John Abbey

Hannah Kane

Franz Hepburn & Franco Marrone

Franco Marrone & Katie Hanson

Elena Garcia & Juliette McGing (2)

Nina Plowman, Hannah Kane & Janie Lorenz


Life After Breast Cancer Fund Logo Full Small

We understand that rebuilding lives after breast cancer does not finish with a mastectomy

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